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Our program uses the 4Ps:

Paper, Project, Portfolio, and PresentationStudent driven culminating assessments that encourage students to use 21st century skills to solve problems and create solutions.  Performance based assessment that makes a difference!


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The Senior Project Center offers tutoring for all elements of the Senior Project Process. 


All the information that you need to know to help your Senior Project program be successful.


Nationally and regionally recognized, the Senior Project, a high school capstone requirement, blends traditional core and performance-based skills in a unique and rigorous exit program. Graduating seniors are required to demonstrate not only what they know but also what they can do. Established more than twenty-five years ago, the award-winning Senior Project advocates a pivotal requirement in the senior year. States, districts, and high schools focused upon restructuring, raising high school standards, and actively engaging all seniors in a challenging and relevant educational process incorporate the Senior Project program.Clearly, all high school graduates need a strong, basic skill foundation. State assessments drive and underscore that focus. However, shouldn't the same graduates also be able to independently demonstrate an application of those skills (and other skills not tested, i.e time management) within the context of the 21st Century real world? Though high stakes exit tests may be a step along the way to a diploma, Senior Project high schools advocate each graduating senior must also competently complete a final rigorous relevant skill application before the high school diploma is earned. Senior Project high schools put the results of state testing into action!