Senior Project Overview

We offer a program that combines student driven research, performance based assessment, and teacher guided curricula to involve the entire school and community in a capstone achievement that meets district level and national educational standards while teaching students 21st Century Skills.

A Bit of Our History

The intellectual properties of the Senior Project were initially developed and registered in 1987 by a company call Far West EDGE, Inc. That company thrived and promoted the Senior Project nationwide until 2004. In 2004 a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) company, The Partnership for Dynamic Learning, Inc. (P4DL) was created. P4DL houses the national Senior Project Center and holds the exclusive license to Senior Project intellectual properties. P4DL continues to work with schools and districts across the country to advance the level of their program to benefit students and create life-long learners.

The Senior Project Center, the only nationally recognized, licensed leader in implementation, development and support services for comprehensive Senior Project programs, offers states, regions, cooperatives and individual high schools two decades of expertise, experience and site based evidence framed by eight years of research. From Phase 1 implementation training to program certification, the National Senior Project Center is dedicated to providing substantive solutions addressing the complex issues of today’s Senior Project High Schools.