Leaning or Learning?

Two words....each personified in the classroom.

Scenario 1: (Richard rushes in at the beginning of class)

Richard:Mr. Smith, what should I do for my Senior Project®? My Letter of Intent is due tomorrow. I need help, and you are the teacher.

Mr. Smith:Because you are interested in marine biology, why not study the effects of light on fish habitats?

Richard:Good one. Do you happen to know anyone who could be my mentor?

Mr. Smith:If I were you, I would ask Dr. Golms at the university. His email is drgolmd@uno.edu. I can give you his landline as well.

Richard: Thanks. What do you think I should ask him?

Mr. Smith:Here is a list of questions seniors can ask during the interview. Make sure you write down the answers or better yet, just tape him. (Richard leaves the classroom, giving a thumbs up to the other students in the room)

Scenario 2: (George enters the room during Ms. Summer's morning planning period)

George:Ms. Summer, what should I do for my Senior Project? Our Letters of Intent are due tomorrow, and I don't have a clue.

Ms. Summer:Well, George, pull up a seat and let's talk about this. What are you interested in that will provide a learning stretch?

George:I don't know. Not much, really, I like to sleep, and I work after school... but I am not really interested in my job.

Ms. Summer:Since you aren't sure what you are interested in, you might refer to the brainstorming sheet I handed out a week ago to help generate some ideas. Here is a copy if you have misplaced it. Remember, George, it is your Senior Project®. I can only help you after you help yourself. Once you settle on some possible topics and are ready to discuss them, I might be able to help you narrow your choices to a final decision. You do not have a lot of time, so it would be to your benefit to get busy. I will be here until 3:30 if you want to talk about your topics. Good luck!

Leaning or Learning? Which is it? Two words, personified by seniors in the classroom. These two words (leaning and learning) are differentiated by only one letter: an "r" that stands for Rigor and Responsibility. With the addition of Rigor and Responsibility, "Leaning" shifts to Learning.

Let's keep that "r" in learning so that our seniors are not simply leaning on us for the answers.