Information Packets

1. For many, the complimentary Senior Project Info Pack is the beginning of the Senior Project journey. This packet of information offers a broad overview of the Senior Project program and includes a variety of handouts highlighting the basic program components. 

An added feature in the packet, the Senior Project Skill-base Matrix, addresses the specific attitudes, knowledge and skills used when seniors complete competent to excellent Senior Projects. The Skill-base is also a useful tool during curriculum alignment. Contact us if you would like to receive this free packet. 

2. Offering insight and food for thought, this guide represents knowledge and experience from educators who have been involved in Senior Project implementation either on the local, district, and /or state level. Designed to help key staff members as they grapple with the initial steps in developing a Senior Project implementation plan, the information represents topics for discussion prior to implementation, issues to consider when creating a planning draft, and ideas that can be incorporated and support a strong initial framework. [$13.95 plus S&H]


We offer a variety of resources and products to support your program. Please use the Order Form at the back of the Catalog for sending in fax or mail orders. Otherwise, please use our Contact form for further information. 

Senior Project Preview Package

Designed for those schools that are unable to attend seminar training or are exploring the possibility of Senior Project implementation, this package includes: one Senior Project Portfolio, one Coordinator's Handbook, two Steering Committee workbooks, one Teacher's Packet, 25 Student Manuals and up to two hours of online coaching via phone or Skype for $900. Online Coaching via phone or Skype ONLY is $500. 

Senior Project Tracker 

A proprietary LMS specifically designed for the Senior Project Center. See our subpage for this product HERE

Student Manuals - Choose and Use

This manual is a collection of 64 pages of handouts specifically designed for supporting the creation of the school's student manual. Create a unique Senior Project manual for your program with the help of these assignments, activities, and models. The comprehensive packet of 64 Senior Project "Choose and Use" materials is specifically designed to guide students through each of the four components (research, product, portfolio, and presentation) of the Senior Project program. "Choose and Use" materials address initial brainstorming all the way through to the final evaluation stage of the process. Students, teachers, and parents will find thoughtful and sequenced assignments that help students plan, prepare, assess, and successfully complete their Senior Projects. Cut your workload when creating and designing your school's Senior Project manual. 

Purchasing the Senior Project "Choose and Use" manual materials involves a single, one time only user fee of $4.25 per student user per year. The minimum order is 35 student users. These materials will be delivered electronically. 

Catalog of Products

Our catalog provides you with a full array of products to support and build your Senior Project program and beyond. You can view a carbon neutral version of our catalog online HERE (requires Flash) where you have the ability to print, share, or save it to your device. The universal Order Form for all our products is located on the last page of the catalog. If you cannot view the online edition from your school, you can download the catalog directly from this LINK