Senior Project Training Consultant Services

On Site

With over two decades of Senior Project experience and a national perspective, Senior Project consultants provide clients with hands on programs and expertise fueled by research. Sessions are engaging and packed with our Senior Project knowledge, implementation strategies, and performance based teaching techniques. Available Senior Project workshops encompass the comprehensive Phase 1, Next Steps, and sessions on benchmarking to the Senior Project, mentoring, student presentation skills, increasing staff involvement, administrator trainin, and the Literacy Design Collaborative including Senior Project alignment with Common Core State Standards. Contact Usfor further information, or you may also use our online Training Estimate Request Form

Training Snapshots - our most popular on site sessions

Phase I - ​This intense full day seminar trains high school staffs for Senior Project implementation. By the end of the session, the school's selected steering committee will be familiar with aspects of the policies, procedures, processes, problems, and solutions involved in a successful program. Participants will leave this energetic, thoughtful seminar with both the 'nuts and bolts' of how to implement the program as well as a synthesizing vision of how the Senior Project fits as the pivotal curriculum piece in the school's restructuring plans.

Next Steps - This training is designed exclusively for schools with veteran Senior Project programs that want to upgrade their program and its learning impact. Senior Project programs of merit are always in continuous evolution and design because development and refinement should always be ongoing to keep up with the times. The day of training will include not only sharing, but ideas that have been used across the nation to develop, strengthen, and improve programs.


Allow our consultants to meet with you virtually!  Either for individuals or small groups, these sessions can be customized to meet the needs of teachers, schools, or districts to include one to one coaching or any of our workshops and materials in a virtual conference and meeting platform.  Contact Us for free estimates and additional information.

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